Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barkhagate-The revenge of Mallus Part-2

I though I might get to see my favourite hot & happening Barkha Bisht here,

Btw hi Smitha, [who starts blushing at that, and turns into a magenta hue].I want to give one more suggestion for the entertainer of the year

Revi: it has to be a mallu

Sameer- ok ok don’t worry. Shakeela

Kalmadi [excitedly stands up] yes! Yes! Yes! bravo! bravo! bravo! Young man. I second that [runs ahead to give Sameer hi five & gives him bear hug].

This suddenly lightens up the situation and everybody seems much more relaxed now.

Kalmadi: guys,guys,guys are we cool now? Revi,Smitha on behalf of everybody I would like to accept all the demands on one condition, that this whole situation is dead with immediate effect.

Revi: ok, mallu promise.

Kalmadi: ok guys! This calls for a celebration. I have a bottle of the world’s most expensive cognac, Henri IV Dudognen Heritage itself.

Sameer: wait a minute guys, I don’t drink guys [this is met with disapproving looks from all and sundry], wait is that a bottle of Evian water?

Kalmadi: indeed, bottled out of the Pyrenees of the Alps itself

Sameer: ah! Is that room temperature?

BDutt: oh! Come on you blithering tomfool

Sameer: hey! Hey hey! Lady. First of all I am extremely disappointed. tI came all the way here to see a hot and happening live bronze sculpted nymph , but alas! The only Barkha I can see here is an unattractive specimen with a boho hair cut, and your cuss words are not helping my temper either. Lest u forget Iam a live witness to your sordid saga, and if I want…..

Kalmadi [cuts in]: relax guys! cool, cool, cool. Let us keep all our differences aside and rejoice to the fact that this meeting marks the end of all our anxieties and miseries.

[goes towards the table to open the cognac, only to discover that it is completely empty]

Huh! Who drank the bottle, what happened here???

Rajdeep [pointing towards a seemingly lifeless figure besides the sofa]: there I think I have got the answer to it.

Deepak[flipping over the prostrate figure]: hey breaking news “talli hua talli hua. Lalli mera talli hua”

Fade to black.