Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Internet Ghost

Your girlfriend is bored… and she has a job which involves free access to internet all day. Oh! How about checking my boyfriends e-mail account [the voyeur in her has already taken over]. She goes ahead as she knows your password- which the gullible you has given it to her on the platter. Surprise surprise there is a mail from your ex and it ends with a signature which goes- love you now and forever.

You are in an important work meeting and your phone starts buzzing like crazy. And lo! before you can blink your eyelids you have received 37 missed calls. You try to ignore it and focus back on work, by this time even your work people are disturbed by the continual vibrations. So after an elaborate facial expression of apology smileys & extreme irritation, you call your chhavvi's num. Just to confirm that no catastrophe has taken place. In time to be greeted with a volley of abuses and a promise “I  dont want to see your face again till I die”. 

At this point you are totally bewildered and the only thing you want to do is quickly wrap up the meeting and talk to your darling. And now you are left WONDERING........

Then there is a marathon one way calling session wherein your fingers go numb with repeated dialing of her number. After some time you lose that solace too, thanks in no small measure to the fact that she has switched of her cell. You try reaching on her landline, well it has to be her mom [she has never quite approved of you] who picks up the phone and adds a bit of choicest words from her side. The mildest one ranging from “I had always warned my daughter to not to go out with guys like, but what to do it is all our fault” to an outright threat to put you in jail or break your bones. 

WONDERING^2 some more.

You try to meet your girl, lure her with expensive gifts. Try to talk to her friends whose reaction ranges from a disgusting look to outright abuse. Finally some kind soul takes pity on you and finally the meeting is scheduled. And again you are trying to understand what lead to all this. 

Meanwhile your WONDER has risen to WONDER^3 now.

Finally the great meeting happens. There is a lot of heartburn, accusations, tears and a final bad bye with a curse that you shall never be happy in your life ever again. WONDER ends- culprit ……bloody email.

After that you vow that I will never share any of my passwords with any body. In fact you do an extensive research with reference material like DUMMIES GUIDE TO MAKING PASSWORDS STRONGER. It says ur password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, a hieroglyph & a horn of an unborn unicorn

Kudos! Alas… you succeed in making a password which is even difficult for you to decipher.

Great END…..but that’s not the story I really wanted to tell.

My main point in writing this blog was what happens to all our email, Facebook profiles, Orkut profiles, Twitter Handles, LinkedIn profiles long after we are gone?
 We are extremely sensitive, secretive, in fact paranoid about our virtual identity e.g above serves to illustrate why?
Hence there is a very slim chance that somebody will know all our passwords or even know how to retrieve them.
Is it like a soul which continues to haunt the virtual world and never attains mukti?

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