Friday, February 5, 2010

Ajmal Kasab the next CM of Maharasthra.

You bloody traitor, we hate u, treason.. throw this fellow out of the country. How can u say something like this, damn you.

Ok ok lets cool the tempers down and stop being at our jingoistic best (or is it worst?). Guys I have not made this statement just in the air, there is a fairly strong premise to it.

As you guys must be aware that a recent proposal from the maharasthra govt which makes it mandatory for all the taxi drives in Mumbai to have knowledge of marathi.

What load of rubbish where the hell is this guy going…. I have already lost interest now….

Wait...I am coming back, relax .

This whole idea took root by the incident which might on the surface of it sound very trivial but has earth shattering implications….

Well it was the news that ajmal kasab (oh! I have something to say about his name too but later) speaking in marathi.

Well what does it imply, that means he is an alpha or super citizen of india. As Marathi manoos parties have said citizen of Maharashtra or Mumbai or popularly called the marathi manoos is way above any other citizen of india.

Gone are the days when the first citizen of India was the president.On that….we’don’t have first lady of India any more we now have the first husband of India….though technically the fact that she is a marathi manoos might have some implication, I shall consult a marathi party on this matter

So lets plot the journey o Mr Kasab er or is it Kasav? the man of many names and faces. He is the modern Julius Caesar , “Veni, vidi, vici he came he saw he conquered, wait he came via the sea so he is more like vasco da gama, but he VDG is not the one for quote, ok lets keep this debate for some other time.

So lets start the kasab “whats in the name-shakespeare” fairy tale. He came on the fateful day of 26/11, shot a some scores of people down. well u see human life in India is pretty cheap* and then went to jail…like all great people do. Then he came out and became a taxi driver in Mumbai (qualification-marathi language). Thereon the taxi union leader,guts and leadership as well as organisational competency of kasab is well documented. Then he was patronized as warrior and fighter for the marathi rights, as you know he is already a role model for MP police when it comes to weapons handling. Then he joins any of the marathi manoos parties, well he gets voted in as the messiah who came from abroad to emancipate the oppressed marathi manoos. And then he becomes the CM as you know the marathi manoos party leaders don’t believe in holding a political post, so they need a face and who better than the warrior supreme who is marathi than the daredevil kasab.

Laugh if u like guys, but seriously tell me who has a better chance of being chance of being a maharasthra CM a north Indian Muslim or the Marathi speaking kasab?

P.S. To the topic of of cheapness of human life in India- Last year we celebrated, well actually we should have been anguished or dismayed, but we are Indians so we celebrate everything 25 years of Bhopal gas tragedy. according to Dow Chemicals which bought over Union Carbide( co. responsible for bhopal gas tragedy) a princely sum of Rs. 62,600 was derived as the value of each Indian Fatality. Hey by the way by some estimates this co roughly paid a miserly sum of USD $ 2 billion for cough related to asbestos contamination in America.

Incredible India! Indeed.