Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obituary 2009

While everybody makes New Year resolutions, I always end up writing obituaries. I guess it’s a follow up from the days where at every function I was the designated “vote of thanks giver”.

Oh! that reminds me there was on occasion wherein a lady belonging to one of these feminist groups had come to give us a talk in college. Well after a hard day wherein we lost a cricket match in quite an ungainly fashion, couple it with a May summer day in Goa and add on the most boring monotone in history taking about some feminist movement. And what do you have-well perfect setting for a mid summer sleep. Well as I was lost in reverie, suddenly someone pokes me and tells me that its show time. After brief period of snarling and cursing I gear my self up for my ritual the good old V.O.T. and her’s how I goofed up. The name of the esteemed lady who came to give the talk was –Sabina Martins 4m Bailancho saad and I proposed- (a vote of thanks) to her by addressing her madam Sabina Saad from Bailancho Martins. Funny? Not nearly enough ,right? Let me clarify what the name bailancho saad means- it means women’s crow not the black one, it is like a cocks crow ( just to make myself crystal clear, as in the roosters crow). So effectively I called her –sabina cocks crow. J …..

Lost again where was I? Oh! here. I am a guy who is more at ease in nostalgia then in planning the future. Hence I suck at making resolutions. Well I was wandering again; hence I guess is taking me so long to finally host this post.

This year in my life will fondly be looked back as the year of convictions and sentencing. Wait I know some of my readers do know about some criminal antecedents (kindly note the sample 1 in my last entry of eternal best man part-3, may or may not be considered as an example) of my gang but I mean it in a more metaphorical sense. Convictions= engagement as in the sentence is set, what is awaited is the final sentencing. Sentencing = marriage, why is that has been explained by a myriad of great writers over the years so need not go to great lengths to explain the same.

Out of samples listed down in eternal best man part-3, sample 2-J.D- is convicted (well finally the no stalled @ 17, if any are added now they will be considered annexure). Rest all from 3 to 5 were sentenced J. You might want to know what happened to sample no 1. To say his year was tumultuous would be a gross understatement. I cannot divulge any more details as I have been promised that I will be writing his autobiography some time in the future.

This year was also a year of farewells when we bade goodbye to a lot of legends in my favourite field- sports:

Anil Kumble – biggest match winner for India in my generation (all u Tendulkar fans don’t mind I am fan too) stop squirming. This oak of giant should feel aggrieved and rightly so... for not getting his due.

Saurav Ganguly- My favourite football club is Tottenham Hotspurs and their slogan is – to dream is to dare, nobody epitomized it more than this guy. Thanks dada. For the wonderful memories….

Luis Figo- well he was a royal blagurana @ one point of time.

Leaving sports aside, from work perspective too this was a better year. Anything compared to the horror of 2008 seems to be a joyride.

Coming to the other obsession of India- entertainment, well let’s not gloss over the India TV report as to how voodoo was the reason behind Michael Jackson’s death. For me unlike what many experts might feel post the enormous success of 3 idiots, this year didn’t belong to Aamir Khan. This year belonged to one and only messiah of the masses. Guess……..who???….wrong. This year belongs to the great phenomenal KRK. His blockbuster might have released last year, but this was the year wherein he really stamped his mark as the true mass hero. “ I drink milk from Holland, water from France and tea from China “ have almost attained the Shakespearean proportions. I guess there are less people who know of the bards famous words in hamlet “to be or not be, that is the question” than KRK’s golden word. His highness the KRK is very humane, unlike all these powder puff chocolate boys, or the overtly hollow macho antics of our present heroes. Bigg Boss 3 finally gave an opportunity for this great star to shine brightly in before us.

Speaking of that show I for sure am gonna miss it. Another miss would be the MTv Roadies when I say it I mean, the THE ROADIES not the pathetic caricature which thought brawling on television and using expletives is a surefire formula for TRP success.

This year finally saw the long awaited home coming to Goa of the master dealer America Mumbai ( the initials are the jist, America esp coz I don’t many people have contributed to the growth of alternative industry in Big Sam like our comrade). Was a fun time when he was there as it’s always a roller coaster ride with this guy, provided his stomach is full. Barring that his crankiness equals Chinese torture.

All in all another year where I continued with crown of the eternal best man….

Censorship .. aargh! Has left my blog so saltless.