Monday, November 9, 2009

The Eternal Best man- Part 2

The shrill din of criticism for my verbose style is still ringing in
my ears. I don’t want to present any riposte to it as I have been
reminded (and not so gently if I may say so) that the whole point of
writing a blog is to reach out to people, rather than make an
exhibition of my vocabulary. In lieu of these recent developments, I
have taken a stance of tempering my habit of flamboyance with words.
Yet my sincere hope is that even after this, my steak doesn't loose
all its sizzle.
Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a names guy and love naming
names. Well most of you'll also know that geography happens to be my
favourite subject. Hmmm I have decided to put both my penchants
If you guys are wondering why The hell am I doing this. Then let me
tell you guys, its because the tough censorship laws which are binding
my potential shrapnels of thoughts.
Disclaimer-Responsibility of any associations or inferences drawn from
the names of places given to my characters lies solely with the person
imagining the same. I will neither confirm nor refute any claims with
regards to the same.
They say charity begins @ home. So here it is.
Yours truly will be hereinafter be known as Somalia.

My two subjects will be namely Mr. Jamnagar Durham & Mr. Vegas Kota.

Girl buddy -Gujarat.

The lonely P will be hereby known as Poland
And my quarry- Lakshadweep Kolar.

Have I been wandering like one of those lonely tortoises of that
oh! so popular game on FB. What is it called farmville isn't it? hmm.
Come back... lest I melt the effect of my freeze frame.

Hmm where was i, I was in that dimly lit room of incandescent light
alone with L. K. Classic "hum tum ek kamre mein bund ho"
situation. As I was saying I found myself alone with L. K
so what would you expect any mature guy in my situation would do.
I went up to her and looked in her eyes said "no need to say anything
I know what you want to say" and then the done to death sequence.
Ethnically Innovative in its presentation though. A Rose bud bending
over another rose bud,a shoe slipping over another,twittering
fluttering teeny tiny birds pecking each other. As the light dimmed
further I emerged out of shadows with scarlet lips :).

This is what should have a happened right?

But it didn't.

What did happen though was this.

Well as I was saying in that room lonely except for the two of us she said “ Hi Somalia I wanted to talk to you” . Hearing this, my hormones went into an overdrive. Sadly for me it was the adrenaline the fright-flight- fight reflex inducer. The alarm bells inside my not just started to ring they started to explode. And then I ran for my life, guys I am no Usain Bolt but that day on that semi lit narrow staircase I could have taken any body on.

P.S. My lips were scarlet, only I cant remember whether it was the bloody door or the freaking railing which got me.

Well! As they say life is one damned thing after another. The next chapter that I am going to narrate was perhaps happened at the time when I guess I was having first brush with the slippery slope of romance.

Well as I finished school and I entered junior college there was this romantic buzz all around. What with all these rose, chocolate and St. Valentine festivities running rings around you. It was mighty impossible not to get caught in that whirlwind.

One fateful day it happened, like the Italians call it I was hit by a thunderbolt, and fell for it hook–line-sinker. I was carrying a stack of biology journals out of the library and she was with her comprehensive chemistry 1996 revised edition, and I that’s when I saw her. It was like something from an old English movie, where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, and he turns to his buddy and says, “See that girl? I’ m gonna marry her someday.”

And then at that moment, something happened that changed my life forever, to this I attribute the reason why I was never the same person again……….

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