Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Eternal Best Man- Part 1

After struggling for so long to come up with something on my blog that was benign and principally concerning me. You have no idea guys, how difficult it was when I had two scrumptious subjects lined up to write about. Of course to my dismay they were shot down immediately by the players themselves. Well i have to just console myself with a concession that I can write about the subjects 20 yrs after they are married.

The eternal best man, wow loved that expression well copyrights of
that are reserved with my friend lets call him P. Ya just P, lonely in
just name. Though I am still a bit confused coz literally, well due to
his charm and wit he has always been lets just say very popular with
the charming sex. But ya he is the sole baron of his manor in literal sense presently.

Coming back to the main topic well I am sometimes guilty of quintessential
''beating around the bush'' syndrome. Okay I do it all the time. Well

Hmmmm how do I begin articulating?

BEST MAN - By definition the principal groomsman at a wedding, one of the foremost prerequisites for it is that the guy in question has to be BACHELOR, that’s how Webster defines this term. Cliché’s ohh! I am the master of cliché’s

Well... I will try my best.I know you guys think it was a cakewalk but F.Y.I it was not so easy.
You have to struggle superlatively to maintain the epithet of the unblemished eternal best man
There are plenty of pitfalls filled with quick sand, which you need to tread carefully. The worst enemies in your pursuit to be the eternal best man are the people whom you cherish the most. Essentially your- friends, teachers, well wishers, family(oh! Yeah) and everybody who rates you highly. Beware of them. They are the axis of evil who will resort to varied kind of subterfuge and chicanery to waver your resolve and lure you away from your endeavour. You have to be extremely cautious when u get invites to any parties, social gatherings weekend getaways and even camps. Discotheques they should be literal no no. My friends, these might look innocuous but they are basically foxy deathtraps designed to trap you in forever, lest you walk in to one.
Various strategies like peer pressure, emotional appealing and last but not the least public mortification are the order of the day for anybody who is an eternal best man.

Ok ok I am wandering again..

Without further ado, Here I present to you the series of my tryst with being the eternal best man.

Let us begin chronologically. It was the spring of 98 the school episode of
my life was coming to an end.
Let me put it in perspective during that series of my life was I was
virtually a misogynist and I didn’t face many challenges to dither me
Until that fateful farewell party and that too almost
at the finale. My best lady friend (who was a buddy in almost guy like
manner) told of that there is somebody has a liking towards me which
of course my above average IQ dismissed as pure lunacy.
As I was wallowing in my somber mood caused by the imminent anguish of parting. Something strange happened. Just as we were about to say final goodbyes to the mates who had endured through that sweet sour terrain called school life, in that farewell hall of ours. I looked around and to my utter bewilderment I was alone in my the room with my afore mentioned quarry (who for reasons unknown had taken fancy to me). Was it by
design or by coincidence is a secret I will probably never find an
answer to. But the Clint Eastwood in me decided to take the
matters in my own hand (no pun intended).

Hold it!

Well lets freeze this
chapter here coz I want the freeze frame effect of daily soap in my
There is a fair possibility that an Aaj Tak or a star news or at least India TV might pick up my
thread and go around tom toming it across the town which might result
in me being turned into a mini celebrity. You never know you might
actually see me in bigg boss 4 carrying forward the mantle from KRK.